Honey Sewn is a bamboo-based apparel company that offers neutral, unisex clothing for babies. The purpose of this project was to create a combination mark primary and sub logos and an icon logo that effectively represents the Honey Sewn brand.

The client for the project requested to be included throughout each step of the design process, as they wanted to be more hands-on with their logo.


The first step that I took to create this logo was to make sure that I understood Honey Sewn as a business and that the client and I were on the same page. To accomplish this, I met with the client and asked all of the questions I needed to have a full understanding of their brand and what their expectations were for the logo.

The following mood board was created to keep the brand's vision in mind throughout the design process:

Brands who hand out with Honey Sewn:

  • goumikids.com
  • yeahbabygoods.com
  • wildbird.co
  • fawndesign.com

People who would purchase Honey Sewn:

  • @mandinelson_
  • @alexiaaleza
  • @isabellebaker
  • @oliviabeth
  • @makenna_alyse


I began the design process by writing out all of the words that came to mind when I thought of honey & sewn. I then took all of those words and sketched out all of the ideas that came to my mind.

Once I got all my ideas out, I chose the ones that I thought had potential and cleaned up those sketches on another page to present to my client.

The client and I discussed their preferences and thoughts, and I resketched all of their favorite ideas to make sure that we were on the same page. We decided on the circled logos for the sub logo.

1. Rough sketches 2. Revised sketches for presentation to client 3. Final sketches from the client meeting

After finalizing the sketches with my client, I digitized all of the sketches in Adobe Illustrator and included different variations of those sketches as needed.

When I presented these drafts to my client, I told them I would move forward with 3 of these logos.

Once my client & I decided on 3 logos to move forward with, I revised the chosen logos. I also chose the official typography for the Honey Sewn brand.

I included some variations of icon location for the first logo to include my client more in the design decisions, as requested.

After adding a touch of color and revising the final logos from the feedback I received from the client, I made a few final design decisions to finish of the Honey Sewn logos. The combination mark primary logo, combination mark sub logo, and icon logo.

In the end, my client felt that their brand was accurately portrayed in their new logos. My focus on including the client throughout the design process and keeping the brand’s vision in mind helped me to create a logo set that will represent the neutral and contemporary Honey Sewn brand.