Magnus Sticker Design

Magnus is an oilfield services company that engages in heavy-duty operations on frac sites. The goal of this project was to create a hard hat sticker that consists of a design that represents Magnus’s brand, while clearly resembling one of Magnus’s favorite employees along with his common term of endearment, ‘Little Buddy’.


To begin working on this sticker I first met with the CFO of Magnus and discussed their expectations and went over their companies branding. Once I had a solid understanding of my client's company and their expectations, I started the design process by sketching out many ideas that incorporated their vision of this sticker.

Initial Draft

After completing the sketches, I chose the 3 strongest ideas from them and quickly digitized them in Adobe Illustrator to give my client a better idea of what the sticker would look like.

When I presented these sticker drafts to my client, their team decided that they wanted to move forward with the first design. The feedback they gave me was to move the ‘Little Buddy’ below the beard and add ‘Magnus’ above the hard hat. They also wanted to add one more defining characteristic so that the resemblance to their employee was obvious.

Revised Drafts

Once my client sent me an updated photo of the employee this sticker was based on, I incorporated the feedback I received from them.

When I presented this revised draft to my client, they were happy with the direction I was going in but wanted the design to resemble their employee even stronger. They also decided they wanted to keep the design to a 2'x2' dimension.

I took the feedback I had received from my client and created this simplistic, yet clearly resemblant design of their employee and his ‘Little Buddy’ nickname.

When I presented this revision to my client, they were ecstatic about the sticker.

Final Sticker Design

After I got the approval from my client on the previous design, I made sure to make all of the final design decisions needed before I completely finished this project.

Below are the final designs that I brought to my client. After deciding they preferred ‘Lil Buddy’ and less color, the sticker design was complete.

In the end, my client thought the sticker I designed for them was “perfect” and felt that I had accurately resembled their most-loved employee while representing their brand effectively.