User Testing Round 01

The goal for this round of user testing was to put the users through scenarios that would have them exploring the website, then to see what their overall thoughts of the website are.


  1. You are thinking about attending Yale School of Art and are curious about the tuition costs. Find out how much tuition is.
  2. You want to attend an event at Yale School of Art and are curious about what events are coming up. Find out what the upcoming events are.
  3. You are attending Yale School of Art next semester and want to see what classes will be available. Find out what classes are available for Spring 2021.

Follow-up Questions

  • Did you find it relatively easy to find the information you were looking for on this website?
  • What do you like about this website? What would you change?
  • What do you like about this website? What would you change?

User 1

  • Went to about the school, couldn’t find the info. Then went to apply, then the tuition page. then got lost on the financial aid page that it took him to.
  • Went to public events. Found the information.
  • Scrolled down the home page, couldn’t find any information, went to quick links, found the spring 2021 courses. Downloaded the course schedule.
  • Thought it was difficult to find information.
  • liked that it was fun and unique.
  • Would make things less hectic and easier on the eyes, easier to find information.

User 2

  • Went to about the school, couldn’t find the info on the page, went back to the homepage and scrolled all the way down, still couldn’t find any information about tuition. Clicked on apply to the school, saw the tuition tab, clicked on it, and was confused when she was brought to the financial aid page. Clicked on the ‘introductory step’ and got frustrated when she found a really skinny link that led her to tuition information. She thought that the tuition information was not clear enough.
  • Clicked on exhibitions and scrolled down to see when the next exhibition was.
  • Clicked on about the school again then returned to the homepage when she couldn’t find anything. Look at the ‘on this page’ links and clicked ‘Spring 2021 at Yale School of Art’. Was frustrated that there wasn’t much info there, then gave up.
  • Thought it was difficult to find information.
  • Liked that it was unique and liked the idea of the collaboration experiment.
  • Felt overwhelmed by how the information was delivered. Would make things easier to find and add more padding to things.

User 3

  • Looked through the homepage and the navigation links. Wasn’t sure where to go from there. Tried ‘about the school’ and couldn’t find the information she was looking for. Went to the individual programs. Went to the ‘apply to school’ page. Found the tuition link and was frustrated when it led her to the Financial Aid page. Couldn’t find the information she was looking for and went back. Went back to the tuition link and clicked the introductory step. Then found the correct link to find tuition.
  • Scrolled down the homepage and found the calendar with events on it.
  • Almost went to ‘about the school’ then went to ‘apply to the school’. Then went to ‘courses’. Found the course schedule there.
  • Had difficulty finding the correct information on the site.
  • Liked that it had the calendar on the main page for easy access. Liked the navigation links. Thought that the ‘pause animations’ button was very important for how overwhelming the animation was.
  • Would take the animated background out and make it a strip on the side so it wouldn’t distract from the important information. Would add padding.

What I Learned

My biggest takeaway from this first round of user testing is that the information on the Yale School of Art website is not organized efficiently, taking away from the user experience. I also learned that although the graphics are cool and the idea is unique, the design is too chaotic to be able to effectively find specific information.