User Testing Round 02

The goal for this round of user testing was to see if users were able to navigate my design by simply using the paper wireframes (sketches) that I created. It is best to know if the user is going to understand your design from the very beginning.


  1. What do you think this website is for?
  2. What, if anything, doesn’t make sense here?
  3. What do you think is missing from each page?

User 1

  • The user was unsure what the website was for at first. They saw the ‘Yale School of Art’ title on the events page and understood what it was for after that.
  • The user looked through each page and thought that everything made sense.
  • They said they couldn’t think of anything that was missing or that they would add from any of the pages.

User 2

  • The user noticed certain words like ‘programs’ and ‘apply’ and guessed that the website was for some type of school.
  • They didn’t understand what the big image on the side of all of the pages was supposed to be. Once I explained that it was a space where Yale School of Art students could collaborate and post their own work there they thought it was a really cool idea.
  • The user said that the links to get all the other information about the school was missing, but they assumed it would be added into the navigation.

User 3

  • The user looked at the homepage and assumed it was some kind of school or education website. Once they looked at the other pages they realized it was a website for Yale School of Art.
  • The user said they didn’t understand what the difference was between events and exhibitions and why they had to have two different calendars.
  • They didn’t think that anything was missing from these pages.